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Bee Foundations

Langsforth Plastic Bee Frame with Foundation

  • 【 Name 】Langsforth Plastic Bee Frame with Foundation
    【 Material 】Plastic
    【Cell Size 】 5.4mm
    【 Type 】Apis mellifera
    【 Size 】Langsforth Size: 48.3cm X 44.8cm X 23.1cm X 3.3cm
    【 Usage 】Beekeepers use comb foundation in order not to slow down the development of the bee colonies in spring and early summer, before the start of the main (basic) honey collection, as well as for the natural expansion slot.Having a prepared foundation, the bees spend less energy and resources to manufacture cells with "zero", thus the
    beekeeper does not distract the bees from their main employment - nectar collection.You will also need to purchase wires and wire embedders to ensure the foundation sheet in the bee frames.
  • Product description: Langstroth Plastic Bee Hive Deep Frame with Foundation Apiculture Beekeeping Tool Equipment Supplies